Infrared Thermometers


Non-contact temperature measurement from -50 to over 30000C in hundreds of industries, from chilled food to molten metals and with targets as small as 0.4mm diameter

PORTABLE UNITS: Whatever your industry or temperature measurement needs, we offer a complete
family of high quality portable infrared thermometers.
ON-LINE THERMOMETERS: A complete range of thermometer systems ensures premium performance at competitive prices for all applications and environments.
LINE SCANNERS: An optically scanned infrared detector generates highly detailed and accurate temperature profile information across a hot object.
THERMAL IMAGERS: Portable self-contained imager providing thermal analysis in the range -20 to 1500oC.
Fixed systems designed for continuous surveillance and monitoring of all types of process, plant, machinery, buildings and stored materials.
APPLICATION DEDICATED THERMOMETERS FOR: Aluminium extrusions, Waste incinerators, Hand held glass mould temp, Aluminium strip, Galvaneal strip, Steel reheat furnaces, Roadstone and many more. 
CHILLED AND FRESH FOOD TEMPERATURE MEASURING SYSTEM: A fast non-destructive system for checking that food temperatures are maintained throughout the distribution chain.
BLACKBODY CALIBRATION SOURCES: Calibrate your own IR thermometers when it is most convenient to you. All measurements traceable to national standards. (-10 to 1600oC / 15 to 2900oF).
Infrared Infrared

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